Learning Path

Learning path

From Beginners to specialists

Know what You Can Realize with FineReport

Our demo platform integrates the most commonly used reports and dashboards in enterprises.
It offers you a basic idea of what you can realize with FineReport.

Install FineReport

To learn FineReport, download the product. Install and activate the product under the guide.

Learn from Scratch

Become Professional from Scratch


Stage 1 Quick Start

You will learn about the basic ideals of FineReport.
You will be able to create simple reports and dashboards at the end of this stage.


Stage 2 Systematic Learning

You will master the knowledge on FineReport designer and the decision-making platform.
You will be able to design reports and dashboards with powerful functions and manage the decision-making platform.

Stage 3 Train yourself as a Specialist

At this stage, your techniques will be improved in a way of self-study. Try to ask & answer questions in the forum to explore report making tricks. Take the qualification test to improve your knowledge system.