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Title: how to activate in ubuntu [Print this page]

Author: hoangph    Time: 2020-5-16 19:26
Title: how to activate in ubuntu

Anybody know how to activate Fine Report on Ubuntu? in Windows when I install, they ask the activation code and I just enter. In Ubuntu I use deployment package for Tomcat and there is no step to input the activation code.


Author: ConnieWang    Time: 2020-5-18 10:18
Edited by ConnieWang at 2020-5-18 10:21

Hi. I'v encountered the same problem.

Linux systems (including Ubuntu), can only function as servers; more specifically, after you install the deployment package, you actually deploy a FineReport project in the Ubuntu system, and you have to use FineReport designer (installed in another PC) to edit the reports in this project via remote design.

To edit the reports in the project, you need to install a designer in Windows or MacOS. Activation codes are only required when you wanna try out the designer.

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