Permission Export

Permission export

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Developer: lidongy
Plugin version: 3.2.3
Update time: 2022-04-06
Jar time: 2021-09-05
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Permission export

Users need to provide an interface to export user data, report directory structure and permissions, etc.

Internationalization update

Control memory usage when exporting to excel

Fix all other types of no export & designer filter parameter deduplication

Support BI business package permission export

Authorization field corrected to AUTHORABLE

[2021-07-28]Fix the bi template directory export problem & fix the plugin log

[2021-07-04] Compatible with "Hierarchical Authorization Decoupling"

[2021-04-26]Compatible with "User Maximum Interaction Optimization"

[2021-04-07]Fixed the problem that some bi template paths are not displayed

[2021-04-02] Fine-grained adaptation of permissions

[2021-03-30]Perfect plugin internationalization

[2020-11-11]Repair the department carrier program data set, the department has an abnormal problem when the position does not exist

[2020-8-26]The third version, permissions audit (data set construction, extended department custom role permissions to catalog templates)

[2020-6-2]The second version, optimize performance and make interactive interface

[2020-1-7]First version

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