Extended Chart

Extended chart

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Developer: finereport.chart
Plugin version: 4.6
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Extended chart

1. The Extended Chart plugin only supports the chrome browser and introduce more 3-D effects to charts. It is recommended to use computers with advanced configurations to preview the charts.

2. [Demand]

In order to meet the requirements such as animation and auto play of large screens, FineReport's official team developed this plugin based on technologies including WebGL, etc. This plugin includes new charts that have novel forms and cool visual effects. What's more, the plugin will be updated continuously ensure richness of the content.

3. [Function introduction]

After installing the plugin, you can select chart types from extended charts when inserting a chart. Extended charts support auto refresh and, when being played, it can link other charts to make the animation synchronous. The extended chart types that have been released include: scene type (scene switching map), earth type (3D cylindrical earth, 3D point earth, 3D flow to earth), map type (carousel gis point map, carousel 3D combined map), Dashboard category (carousel luminous dashboard, water ball chart, pixel dot chart), indicator card category (carousel kpi indicator card-flashing, carousel kpi indicator card-electronics, particle counter), time category (time gear), column Shape diagram category (arc column chart, special shape column chart), other categories (carousel catalog gear, fancy tree-electronic, fancy tree-model).

[2021-12-16]Fix the problem that the title font size of the carousel GIS point map is displayed incorrectly

[2021-10-20]Fixed issues such as empty series of column charts with special shapes, unsaved coordinate axes, abnormal display of gear switch in carousel directory, etc.

[2021-09-23]Develop env-version

[2021-07-30]Fix the problem that the "shape" of the scene map is displayed incorrectly

[2021-06-25]Fixed lack of jxbrowser.jar unable to install extended chart plugin; Fancy tree chart consumes a lot of CPU, etc.

[2021-05-08]Fixed the issue that special browsers did not display the fancy tree

[2021-04-28]Fix the problem that the spider dataset cannot be used in the scene map and the ‘Qiao’ is not displayed

[2021-03-25]Fix IE8 access template error and other issues

[2021-03-15]Fix some known issues

[2021-02-04]Added carousel pie chart & added opening effect

[2020-12-31]New carousel bar chart & new carousel catalog gear chart to adjust the color size

[2020-12-12]Fix 4.3 plugin previews common chart error by IE & scene map interaction optimization & lic internationalization

[2020-12-06]Added pixel point map and special shape column chart & fancy tree chart interaction optimization

[2020-11-25]Fix the problem of scene map data loss

[2020-11-07]Added fancy tree chart iteration & scene map drill directory support hyperlink & open scene switching interface & json simplify automatically

[2020-9-24]Added color size iteration & internationalization of thumbnails in the designer

[2020-9-8]Added scene switching map & water polo map internationalization issues

[2020-7-30]New extended chart refresh function automatically & extended chart version authorization issue & bugs such as front-end error report of carousel gis point map

[2020-6-24]Added function of water polo chart displays negative number & fixed bugs such as extended chart memory leak & plugin registration issues

[2020-2-7]Fix bugs such as abnormal display of indicator values on the carousel luminous dashboard & incorrect throwing of the linked water polo chart and memory usage issues

[2019-12-6]Modify the error of indicator card with no background & adapt to 10.0.4

[2019-9-16]Fix bugs such as the order of carousel 3D combination map data & custom json display

[2019-4-26]Added 3D carousel combination map

[2019-3-13]Added arc column chart & water polo chart & playback automatically

[2018-11-5]Fix the problem that the plugin fails to load when deployed to tomcat

[2018-8-8]Adapt to 10.0

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