Excel Batch Import

Excel batch import function in the old version

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Developer: finereport.vito
Plugin version: 1.2.4
Update time: 2022-04-06
Jar time: 2020-06-17
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Excel batch import function in the old version

1. [Demand]

In order to solve the performance problem of Excel import, FineReport has developed a batch import function, which realizes that the filled report can be imported into Excel without previewing the report, and it provides the permission control function.

2. [Feature introduction]

The administrator establishes an import task and assigns permissions to it by visiting a specified page. Users with permission can access this page to directly import Excel in batches without previewing reports.

3. [Plugin screenshot]

[2022-03-07]Internationalization update
[2021-11-10]Fixed an issue where verification failures caused subsequent tasks to be blocked
[2021-10-18]Fix req parameter recalculation problem
[2021-07-30]Memory leak fix
[2021-07-13]Front-end htape label adaptation
[2021-07-09]Adapt to put, delete to post plugin
[2021-04-22]Fix permission inheritance issue
[2021-04-02]Front-end layout adaptation
[2021-03-17]Fix the issue of cell limit in batch import
[2020-04-21]Batch import adaptation interface
[2019-07-29]Batch import support cluster
[2019-05-21]Batch import increases the template limit
[2018-12-23]Fix occasional task missing bug

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