HTML5 Mobile Display

In addition to the native App display report, it provides mobile browser to preview reports, forms and plugins for the decision-making system, which can be used for WeChat, DingTalk and App integration

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Developer: FineMobile
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Update time: 2022-06-30
Jar time: 2019-12-04
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In addition to the native App display report, it provides mobile browser to preview reports, forms and plugins for the decision-making system, which can be used for WeChat, DingTalk and App integration

1. [Function Introduction]

After installing the HTML5 Mobile Display plugin, add the parameter &op=h5 after the report path, and the report can be displayed in the mobile browser. When accessing the fs platform path, add /url/mobile to convert to HTML5 parsing.

2. [Plugin Screenshot]

10.5.16:Fix bug
10.5.15:Fix bug
10.5.06:Fix bug
10.4.999:Fix bug
10.4.998:BI filter component supports adjust size
10.4.998:BI mobile pagination column optimization
10.4.998:BI mobile terminal supports clear linkage
10.4.998:BI component style optimization
10.4.997:Fix bug
10.4.996:Fix bug
10.4.995:Fix bug
10.4.994:BI table supports custom width in mobile layout on mobile terminal
10.4.994:BI component styles inherit PC settings such as component title alignment, table type, tab style, etc.
10.4.994:Solve the problem that the height of the component seen on the mobile layout is inconsistent with the height of the component seen on the mobile phone
10.4.994:Added a new "directory search box" setting for mobile platforms to control whether the directory search is displayed or not
10.4.993:Fix bug
10.4.992:Fix bug
10.4.991:Fix bug
10.4.990:Support icon title style and personalized picture background
10.4.990:BI tables support width adjustment on the mobile terminal, or set the width to adaptive to the screen
10.4.990:Added new adaptive rules for the mobile terminal of the indicator card to optimize the adaptive effect
10.4.990:Added text mobile terminal adaptive rules to optimize the adaptive effect
10.4.990:Schedule supports freezing the first N columns
10.4.989:Fix bug
10.4.988:Fix bug
10.4.987:Fix bug
10.4.986:BI mobile terminal supports displaying filter components in the Kanban board to realize local query, and optimizes the display style of filter components
10.4.986:BI tables support displaying pictures
10.4.986:The mobile terminal can preview normally when the FineBI and FineReport connection tool plugin is enabled
10.4.985:Fix bug
10.4.984:Fix bug
10.4.983:Fix bug
10.4.982:BI supports table serial number
10.4.982:BI table style inheritance pc
10.4.982:Full screen button optimization
10.4.982:Optimize the excess blank problem of mobile control style
10.4.981:Fix bug
10.4.979:Fix bug
10.4.978:Fix bug
10.4.977:Supports direct linkage of BI calculation indicators
10.4.977:Optimize that WeChat&DingTalk push error report
10.4.976:Support file download
10.4.976:Support BI indicator data bar
10.4.976:Support BI dimension to set table attributes
10.4.976:Support BI to quickly calculate the percentage within the group
10.4.976:Support BI summary method percentile setting
10.4.976:Added one-click select all JS method
10.4.975:Table collapse and expand support level control
10.4.975:Support for obtaining latitude and longitude js under the integration of WeChat&DingTalk
10.4.975:Cell rounded corners
10.4.975:The mobile terminal supports export interfaces such as pdf/excel
10.4.975:Chart data point prompt optimization
10.4.975:Optimization of the top parameter pane style
10.4.975:Timed push results adaptive optimization
10.4.975:Horizontal layout container optimization
10.4.97:Support message scrolling plugin
10.4.97:Loading animation supports customization
10.4.97:Support BITab component
10.4.97:More types of Tab support gesture switching
10.4.90:Support for folding and unfolding the tree
10.4.90:H5 can choose whether to display the navigation toolbar
10.4.90:H5 supports single sign-on configuration
10.4.90:The report block supports turning pages without zooming in
10.4.90:Web page frame supports adaptive height according to content
10.4.84:BI dashboard supports component definition layout
10.4.84:Support cell line spacing settings
10.4.84:The height of the PAD single row table can be adapted according to the content
10.4.80:Button group supports adaptive height according to content
10.4.80:Support horizontal layout container
10.4.80:Displaying the watermark when the paid component is not authorized
10.4.80:The template refresh icon is replaced with a more understandable icon
10.4.76:Component background and mobile terminal pop-up window background support transparency
10.4.76:H5 resources support CDN content distribution
10.4.76:Mobile pop-up window supports js to close
10.4.76:Widget supports custom common styles
10.4.76:Improve the initial loading speed when using images in the template
10.4.76:Support some chart js
10.4.69:New row button style for TAB component
10.4.69:Support quick positioning of components
10.4.69:Other optimizations
10.4.66:Solve the abnormal problem when the hyperlink is triggered in the pop-up window of the mobile terminal
10.4.66:Home page provides refresh method
10.4.66:The text and number widgets can be customized to display or not under the report preview
10.4.66:H5 homepage and directory page switching can be the same as in the app
10.4.66:Optimize the login process to avoid an unresponsive request causing login interruption and no response
10.4.66:When the customer uses the tab component, the title of a single tab can be frozen at the top when the content of a single tab is too much to slide the tab, which is convenient for switching
10.4.66:Optimize the font size of the component title, preview the font size under the pad can be adaptive
10.4.61:H5 report analysis supports self-adaptive reporting under report analysis, which is unified with the APP data entry function
10.4.61:Support web frame plugin
10.4.61:Under the integration of WeChat&DingTalk, the scan code control can call the flashlight when the light is dark
10.4.61:When the component title is displayed on the pad side, it is adaptively enlarged to enhance the experience
10.4.55:Support hiding empty directories with no content
10.4.55:Show partial loading animation
10.4.55:Support custom homepage title
10.4.55:New simple date style plugin
10.4.55:Support statistics on mobile online
10.4.55:Built-in catalog style supports fine-tuning
10.4.55:New mobile terminal pop-up plugin
10.4.55:Optimized the calendar style of the calendar plugin
10.4.55:Category navigation directory supports first-level directories to directly mount templates
10.4.49:New radio button group style function
10.4.49:Added calendar date style function
10.4.49:New catalog insert template function
10.4.49:H5 supports catalog style plugins such as tab navigation catalogs, etc.
10.4.49:Added support for component freeze
10.4.49:The data point tooltip displayed at the top is replaced with the display following the click position
10.4.49:Support setting not to display data point tooltip
10.4.49:Added support for FR.remoteEvaluateAsync
10.4.49:Horizontal and vertical screen, two-finger zoom, select activation can be flexibly controlled through attributes

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