Scroll Message Widget

Display scroll messages in the form

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Developer: finereport.plough
Plugin version: 1.5.4
Update time: 2022-03-04
Jar time: 2019-11-29
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Display scroll messages in the form

1. [Demand]

In the process of big screen publicity displays and general conference presentations, scrolling messages has always been a relatively common requirement, but it is troublesome for users to implement them through code and existing widgets.

2. [Feature introduction]

After installing the plugin, a scrolling message widget is added to the form, which can be dragged to the work area and set related attributes. The widget value supports rich text and formula. You can set the direction, speed, interval, etc. of scrolling.

3. [Plugin screenshot]

[2022-02-24]Internationalization Supplement

[2021-11-25]Opacity of 0 has no effect

[2021-08-26]Scroll text up and down to wrap text

[2020-10-30]Support mobile display

[2020-08-14]Fix duplicate attributes

[2020-07-22]Fix the problem of the initial position of the scroll message of the absolute layout of the widget is incorrect

[2019-12-23]Fix the problem of losing the background color of the widget

[2019-05-13]Fix the problem of automatic line wrapping when the text content is too long

[2019-05-09]Fix compilation issues

[2018-12-28]Fix the problem that the style cannot be edited

[2018-10-16]Fix the problem that the plugin cannot be used after updating 10.0

[2018-09-05]Fix 10.0 internationalization problem

[2018-08-06]Fix the problem of setting the background with transparency

[2018-07-19]Adapt to 10.0

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