MongoDB Dataset

Can connect to MongoDB database and get data through MongoDB query statement

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Developer: fanruan.richie
Plugin version: 9.5.10
Update time: 2022-04-06
Jar time: 2020-10-14
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Can connect to MongoDB database and get data through MongoDB query statement

1. [Demand]

FineReport is usually connected to relational databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, etc. With the development of various NoSQL databases, there are more and more application scenarios that need to fetch data from NoSQL databases. FineReport V8.0 provides an interface for data connection and dataset, through which the demand for fetching data from various other databases can be realized. The plugin realizes the function of fetching data from MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL database.

2. [Feature introduction]

After installing the plugin, open the "Server" -> "Data Connection", add a MongoDB data connection in the menu, and enter the database address, port, username and password and other information.

In the lower left corner of the report design interface, add a MongoDB dataset, and select the appropriate MongoDB data connection and SQL query in the pop-up interface.

3. [Help document]


[2022-03-07]Internationalization update
[2022-03-01]Dependency jar package upgrade
[2021-10-11]Develop Q1uery failure exception information
[2021-08-30]Fix the problem that the column processing interface is not available
[2021-08-10]The query content is in json format, the query fails and the bug is fixed
[2021-03-30]Perfect plugin internationalization
[2021-01-01]Recursively resolve nested query conditions.
[2020-07-20]When the data item contains data of different data types, the data is not expanded.
[2020-05-15]Columns expanded by the array without these arrays will only display the data checked out & get all data statistics when checking the column name.
[2019-12-10]Dynamic expansion of non-relational database data columns.
[2019-11-29]Fix the problem of unfixed order of aggregation query conditions, wrong matching rules, and server dataset saving.
[2019-06-27]Fix the problem that the selected database name of the switch server dataset is not saved.
[2019-06-11]Added support for shaping parameters and date type hours, minutes and seconds.
[2019-03-29]Fix the remote preview error issue.
[2018-11-15]Fix connection failure without username and password.
[2018-11-02]Error under remote design.
[2018-10-12]The server dataset generates an exception.
[2018-03-21]The database connection is successful, but the database name cannot be selected.
[2018-03-21]The mongodb aggregated dataset reports an error.
[2018-01-29]After the authentication is turned on, the database list displays abnormally, and the query is abnormal.
[2018-01-12]Modify the bug of grouping two fields in the aggregated dataset.
[2017-11-01]Fix the bug of array expansion in the query result.
[2017-09-28]Fixed the bug that caused query failure due to multi-level array nesting.
[2017-09-08]Replace the driver jar package.
[2017-07-25]Added support for the limit syntax of the schedule.
[2017-07-13]It can be correctly identified when the key of the array type contains an empty array.
[2017-06-01]Solve the problem of generating a null value when saving.
[2017-05-31]Fix the BUG of column filtering judgment.
[2017-05-19]Add dimension filtering.
[2017-05-08]Add interfaces for processing different types of fields in different ways.
[2017-05-04]_id is output as a string.
[2017-05-03]Fix the bug that data will be missing when the number of arrays is not equal.
[2017-05-03]Added support for array elements.
[2017-02-16]It can report an error correctly when testing the connection for an account that does not have permission.
[2017-02-14]Modify the connection judgment of an account that does not have permission to view the database table list.
[2017-02-13]The API level of the upper interface is changed, and the plug-in is rebuilt.
[2017-02-11]Compatible interface changes.
[2017-01-11]Added authentication type.
[2016-06-29]Added filter conditions and sorting conditions.
[2016-06-23]Fix the problem of plugin ID mismatch.
[2016-06-22]Fix the function point monitoring problem.
[2016-04-06]MongoDB data connection supports multiple IPs and supports setting option parameters.
[2016-04-06]After selecting a different data connection, the query conditions and table name will be reset.
[2016-04-06]Fix the problem that MongoDB connection cannot be selected correctly after refresh.
[2016-04-06]Fix bugs that cannot be tried.
[2016-03-20]Super major bug fixes.
[2016-03-03]Increase internationalization support (US English).
[2016-01-28]Fix the problem that the default database name cannot be saved.
[2016-01-26]Fix the problem that the mongo data connection cannot be selected correctly in the jar package of the old version.
[2016-01-26]Fix the problem that the query result cannot be obtained correctly when the query statement is empty.
[2016-01-24]Fix the problem that parameters cannot be passed correctly.
[2016-01-23]Increase the default database settings.
[2016-01-21]Add or condition query.

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