SAP Dataset

Can fetch data from SAP

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Developer: finereport
Plugin version: 1.8.22
Update time: 2022-03-16
Jar time: 2020-10-14
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Can fetch data from SAP

1. [Feature introduction]

To help users build SAP datasets, please refer to the plugin screenshot.

The sap data synchronization function is not supported temporarily.

2. [Plugin screenshot]

[2022-03-07]Internationalization update
[2021-12-22]Fix the problem that the data display is disordered after the custom function query deletes the output item
[2021-12-07]Deal with the problem that the negative sign of the custom query and the failure to parse the built-in function of the general query
[2021-09-03]Fix the problem that the parameter variable in the output has no query result
[2021-03-30]Fix the problem of creating connection
[2021-03-30]Perfect plugin internationalization
[2021-02-19]Fix support for table type parameters
[2020-12-16]Fix the problem of out-of-order server dataset parameters
[2019-11-26]Fix plugin description encoding problem
[2019-06-04]Add the function of configuring SAP routing
[2019-01-30]Fix the problem that the language cannot be set correctly
[2018-11-26]Fix the bug that the plugin lic shows the jar package is damaged
[2018-10-26]Adapt to 10.0
[2018-09-19]Our ABAP Function code separator is changed to ^, the code is obtained from the help document
[2018-09-19]Fix the problem that some function inputs are not displayed
[2017-12-14]After the plugin is authorized, there is an error in the remote design.
[2017-11-14]Adapt to 9.0
[2016-12-14]Add connection.feature method.
[2016-10-18]Delete sapjco.jar, sapjco3.jar, sapjco3.dll in lib
[2016-07-12]Code quality
[2016-06-20]Modified function point record
[2016-06-01]Fixed the problem that using two INNER JOINs in general query is invalid
[2016-04-12]Fixed the problem that the if formula using fr in simple general query filtering is invalid
[2016-03-10]Standardize the call of the interface
[2015-11-20]Fixed the problem that the synchronization task on the remote server cannot be used after tomcat restarts
[2015-10-28]Fix the problem that the synchronization timing of the sap dataset cannot be used
[2015-10-27]sapjco3.dll can be moved to the jre/bin directory correctly
[2015-09-09]Support timed tasks

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