Multidimensional Dataset

Multidimensional dataset plugin, including commonly used multidimensional databases

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Developer: finereport
Plugin version: 3.3.19
Update time: 2022-03-04
Jar time: 2020-12-27
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Multidimensional dataset plugin, including commonly used multidimensional databases

1. [Demand]

Large-scale user projects need to use multidimensional databases to solve efficiency problems, but the front-end needs to use complex reports to display, so the connection between the two needs to be solved.

2. [Feature introduction]

FineReport+Multidimensional is a good solution. FineReport takes data from the multidimensional database and displays it in FR. Currently, the multi-dimensional supported by FR are: SSAS, ESSBASE, SAP HANA.

3. [Plugin screenshot]

[2022-02-24]Internationalization Supplement
[2021-03-30]Perfect plugin internationalization
[2021-01-08]Fix remote design connection problem
[2019-11-18]Fix the problem of blank setting interface
[2019-03-15]Delete FineBI's data connection
[2019-01-28]Fix the problem that there are errors when the filter condition has multiple parameters
[2019-01-18]Fix the problem of reopening an error after saving the created server dataset
[2019-01-03]Fix the problem that the preview error after saving the cube
[2018-08-07]Fix possible problems when used as a widget dataset
[2018-08-03]Plugin upgrade to support 10
[2017-11-14]Modified the authorization mechanism of multidimensional dataset
[2017-09-08]Fixed the issue of bw authorization
[2017-06-02]Fixed the problem of bw Chinese
[2017-06-01]Fixed the problem of multiple selection of checkboxes and the problem of string and number types in judgment conditions
[2017-05-23]Fixed the problem that the username contains parameters and modified the description of the plugin
[2017-05-19]Fixed the problem of filtering parameters, the problem of greater than or less than less than in the filtering, and the function of level filtering was added
[2017-04-24]Added the function of displaying Chinese description when connecting to SAP BW
[2017-04-23]Added the function of supporting parameter transfer for cube user name, password and url
[2017-04-10]Fixed the problem that EssBase could not be accessed
[2017-03-22]Added the direct connection function of SAP BW Query with parameters
[2017-03-10]Add function point records of SAP BW dataset
[2016-12-16]Fixed the problem that multi-cube could not be supported
[2016-12-14]Add connection.feature method.
[2016-11-14]Restore finecube that supports version 3.7
[2016-11-11]Remove FineCube support
[2016-07-07]Date type filter condition bug fix
[2016-06-20]Modify function point records
[2016-06-16]Modify the MDX grammar spliced in SAP BW to adapt to the lower version of BW
[2016-06-06]BiCube filter conditions can add more levels, you can configure multiple conditions and, or relations
[2016-04-26]Fix the date field operator interaction problem
[2016-04-25]Modify the coding problem (change to take the server code)
[2016-04-07]Modify (1) the display problem of SAP_BW custom query, (2) the problem of the same name of the generated cache file, (3) the timeout setting of reading the xmla response
[2016-04-01]Increase the mechanism of SAP_HANA and SAP_BW cache disk, modify the xml parsing method
[2016-03-25]Optimize the performance of SAP_HANA and SAP_BW
[2016-03-17]Modify the problem of inconsistent results between simple general query and custom MDX query of multidimensional dataset
[2016-03-14]Modify the problem that SAP_HANA simple general query cannot be used
[2016-03-10]Standard interface call
[2016-01-20]Modify the problem that the SAP_BW filter conditions cannot be used
[2016-01-05]Optimize the performance of SAP_BW
[2015-12-25]Add SAP_BW multi-dimensional database connection mode
[2015-09-09]Separate the cube from the main code and maintain it separately as a plugin to get timely version updates

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