Excel Streaming Export Supports Line Engine

Excel streaming export can use less memory when exporting. Streaming export does not support 2003

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Developer: finereport.richie
Plugin version: 3.9
Update time: 2022-03-16
Jar time: 2016-09-27
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Excel streaming export can use less memory when exporting. Streaming export does not support 2003


1. [Demand]

Exporting Excel, especially excel with big data, takes up a lot of memory, and when it encounters large concurrency, it is very likely that server memory will overflow. Therefore, we provide streaming export function, but traditional streaming export does not support line engine.

2. [Feature introduction]

After installing the plugin, streaming export can support the line engine.


Streaming export only supports excel 2007 and above

[2022-03-07]Internationalization update

[2021-03-30]Perfect plugin internationalization

[2019-10-21]Adapt to FineReport 10.0

[2018-03-12]Adapt to FineReport 9.0

[2017-03-21]Code optimization and not related to performance

[2016-09-06]Built-in poi package

[2016-09-06]Release the system resources occupied during the export process

[2016-08-30]Update POI Jar

[2016-08-23]Provide the supporting of pagination as it is

[2016-08-01]Modify the function point record

[2016-07-28]Streaming export is stripped from the plugin, this plugin only works in the line engine scenario

[2016-07-07]Re-modified the streaming export to solve the problem of data loss when the merged cell crosses 10,000 rows. The performance is doubled compared to the original. It is changed to built-in support, 120,000 rows of data and 48 columns of various information, 4 seconds generation time, 5 seconds download time, and memory is ignored

[2016-07-06]Put poi package into the plugin

[2016-06-29]Interface changes

[2016-06-29]Solve the problem of parallel export error

[2016-02-24]Modified the problem that the pagination attribute of streaming exported files under the line engine is lost

[2016-01-27]Modified the problem that the streaming export file needs to be automatically repaired when the line engine is turned on. Note: when the line engine is exported, the page settings need to be adjusted in proportion to the number of lines per page

[2016-01-19]Modify the export plugin conflict problem

[2016-01-15]Fix the bug that the zip file name of streaming export is lost

[2016-01-11]Add function point record

[2016-01-07]Modify the implementation of the interface, increase the use of streaming export excel 2007 under the row engine

[2015-12-14]Modify the implementation of the interface to increase customization

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