Top Parameter Pane

Top parameter pane

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Developer: finemobile
Plugin version: 10.5.11
Update time: 2022-03-16
Jar time: 2020-12-31
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Top parameter pane

1. [Demand]

The default parameter pane is called through the funnel filter button at the bottom of the parameter pane. After clicking it, it will jump to a new page to edit the parameters, and then query;

Some users may not be accustomed to this interaction, and hope that the parameter pane can be displayed in the main body of the report directly, and there is no need for page jumps when selecting parameters, etc.

In this case, you can use the top parameter pane style.

The plugin only supports 10.0, APP&HTML5 are both effective.

2. [Function introduction]

After installing the plugin, in the designer, you can set the display style to the top style for the cpt&frm template parameter pane.

So when it is displayed on the mobile, it will be the effect of the lowered screenshot

The parameter pane is displayed in the main body directly. After selecting the parameter, the delegated report data is automatically refreshed.

It is suitable for parameter pane templates with a small amount of data, a small number of parameters and no complicated custom control.

3. [Plugin screenshot]

[2022-03-07]Internationalization update

[2021-11-24]Fix bug

[2021-10-13]Fix bug

[2021-01-26]Top parameter interface added whether to query immediately setting

[2020-12-15]Top parameter interface style optimization

[2020-10-30]Fix bug

[2019-11-08]The H5 plugin supports a top parameter panel

[2018-12-11]Create a project

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