Video Play Widget

Support for playing video in the form.

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Developer: fanran.richie
Plugin version: 10.4.996
Update time: 2022-03-16
Jar time: 2018-11-20
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Support for playing video in the form.

Note:Local resources only supportWebReport directory and its subdirectories(but does not support video resources under WEB-INF directory)            

Video widget can be added to the form to play online or local videos. The video plugin is also applicable to the mobile terminal of version 10.0.

Note: This plugin uses HTML video playback technology, so it only supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE11+ browsers. If you need to support browsers below IE11, you can use flash playback technology. Use source code to modify.

[Plugin screenshot]

[2022-03-09]Internationalization update
[2021-11-24]Fix bug
[2020-09-28]Fix the problem of duplicate classification in the component attribute pane.
[2020-07-30]Fix the problem that it cannot be played automatically after mute.
[2020-04-23]Support H5 and 10.0App.
[2019-05-05]Fix the problem of mute failure.
[2018-05-16]Increase internationalization support (Japanese).
[2018-03-01]Increase video format support.
[2017-12-17]Fix the problem of background display.
[2017-12-14]Fix the problem of auto-play and error reporting under the absolute layout of the dashboard.
[2017-12-13]Use video.js to support more video types.
[2017-03-10]Solve the problem that the remote resource usage formula cannot be parsed correctly.
[2016-04-28]Solve the problem of the loss of the decision platform directory when Tomcat starts.
[2016-03-03]Increase internationalization support (US English).
[2016-02-29]Increase the usage statistics of function points.
[2016-02-26]Add the control function of video play.
[2016-02-26]Support to add video remotely.
[2016-02-25]Support video play by html5.
[2018-11-23]Adapt to FineReport10.0.

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