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To adapt the performance optimization plug-in of FineReport10.0, please configure it in Decision-making Platform->Manage->Performance Optimization

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Developer: finereport
Plugin version: 5.10.2
Update time: 2022-04-06
Jar time: 2021-03-28
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To adapt the performance optimization plug-in of FineReport10.0, please configure it in Decision-making Platform->Manage->Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization Introduction-https://help.fanruan.com/finereport-en/doc-view-435.html

[2022-03-22]internationalization update
[2022-03-16]Optimize resource release logic
[2022-03-04]SQL execution monitoring compatible with ReportServer
[2022-01-21] Dealing with the memory leak caused by InheritableThreadLocal
[2021-11-25]Normal control fetching is disabled by default
[2021-11-12]Memory performance optimization
[2021-11-09]Fix pdf offset caused by performance optimization plugin
[2021-10-13]Dealing with the concurrent problem of parallel fetching
[2021-09-15]Fix security vulnerabilities
[2021-09-14]Fix some bugs, delete merge sql
[2021-09-10]Revise resource release logic
[2021-09-09]Fix chart refresh problem
[2021-08-27]Limit the applicable version of the performance plugin
[2021-08-26]Fix some bugs
[2021-07-15]Eliminate potential security vulnerabilities
[2021-07-05]Repair sql execution monitoring and other authentication implementation
[2021-05-27]Fixed the problem of blank editing of druid template program dataset
[2021-05-27]Added sql execution monitoring and authentication, added sql monitoring and other operations buried records
[2021-05-25]Added authentication, prohibits ordinary users from modifying the performance plug-in switch items
[2021-05-12]Fixed the problem that the slash header of some fonts could not be seen clearly and the effect of some pictures became worse when exporting pdf
[2021-04-27]Fix the compatibility issue of merging sql and parallel fetching in the performance plugin
[2021-04-26]Fix itext XXE security vulnerability
[2021-04-07]Fixed the display and image export problems of the rare character designer
[2021-04-07]Fix the problem that bouncycastle version is too low
[2021-04-01]Fixed the problem of not throwing an error when exporting a template with overlapping components
[2021-03-29]Fixed the problem that when parallel fetch is enabled, the sub-report calculation is wrong
[2021-03-04]Fixed the problem that after opening the ICU line feed, the word will be pressed after the word is exported
[2021-03-03]Fix the problem that the drop-down tree node generation event does not take effect
[2021-01-07]Fixed the problem that the background of charts, cells with pictures, page headers and footers with pictures, floating elements, etc. became white when exporting PDF, and gray boxes appeared in pdf for pictures with transparent background
[2020-12-23]Fix the problem that page data is lost or damaged occasionally during PDF export for templates with a large number of pages
[2020-12-23]Fix the problem that the text may be truncated when the cell sets borders in PDF export
[2020-12-16]Fix the problem of ICU initialization error during remote design
[2020-12-04]Fixed the problem that the last line of text in html was truncated at the end when the content of the cell displayed in html was set to be displayed at the bottom and ICU was enabled to export images
[2020-11-10]Fix the problem of unclear underline in html when ICU is enabled to export images
[2020-10-21]Fixed the problem that the background of the cells in the pdf is not checked when the print/export cell background option is selected, and the background still exists when exporting.
[2020-10-20] Improve jartime to adapt to the html parsing plugin to be released
[2020-10-19]Fixed the problem that the background still exists when exporting pdf without checking the print/export report background option of the header|footer
[2020-10-16]Fixed the problem that when the subscript or superscript is set, the normal text font size is abnormal and the html text is not parsed when exporting pdf or pictures
[2020-10-16]Fixed the problem of double underline when exporting pdf when setting strikethrough and underline at the same time
[2020-09-29]Fix the problem that the background of the header and footer is blocked when the header and footer contain pictures
[2020-09-23]Fixed the problem of error when pdf export and html parsing result contains empty string text
[2020-09-17]Fix the problem of [obj] text appearing in pdf when html contains tag using html parsing plugin
[2020-09-09]Fixed the problem that the pdf file cannot be opened when the pdf export paper is too large and the pdf file cannot be opened with watermark
[2020-09-08]Fixed the error report when using the html parsing plugin and the html contains table tags
[2020-09-08]Fix the display problem of drop-down tree without setting data dictionary
[2020-08-26]Fixed the problem that the text direction is incorrect when the content of the PDF export cell is a number but the displayed result is not a number
[2020-08-21]Leave a hole for the Html parsing plug-in so that it can take effect
[2020-07-15]Fix the problem that the text of the PDF export sub-report disappears
[2020-07-14]Fix the problem that the image disappears when the background color of the PDF export cell is set
[2020-07-02]Fixed the problem that the HTML content in PDF export could not correctly recognize uppercase tags
[2020-06-18] Fallback to fix the issue of borders on PDF images
[2020-06-05]Fixed the problem of broken points in the header slashes in the exported PDF/p> [2020-06-02]Fixed the problem that the HTML single line in the exported PDF contains only spaces, resulting in an error/p> [2020-05-30]Fix the problem of invalid text underline style in PDF/p> [2020-05-30]Fix the problem that the bottom of the text displayed in a single line (adjust the font) in PDF is occluded/p> [2020-05-29]Fixed the problem that the numbers under the barcode overflowed the cells in PDF/p> [2020-05-29]Fix the problem of invalid HTML parsing rgba value in PDF/p> [2020-05-28]Fix the problem that the PDF watermark does not cover the header and footer area/p> [2020-05-26]Fixed the error of bold blank lines in PDF export/p> [2020-05-18]Fix the inconsistency of the line spacing in PDF/p> [2020-05-09]Fixed the problem that the maximum execution time of the sql monitoring interface cannot be clicked/p> [2020-05-07]Fixed the problem of blank pages and errors when exporting PDF when the cell height is greater than the page content height/p> [2020-04-29]Fix cell content overflow and some ICU line breaks and word break rules issues
[2020-04-27]Fix the problem of incorrect jartime time
[2020-04-14]Fixed the problem that the border of the exported PDF overlapping setting is inconsistent with the preview
[2020-04-07]Fixed the problem of extra lines when exporting PDF with superscript and subscript with strikethrough
[2020-03-31]Fix ICU line break hyphenation error problem
[2020-03-29]Fixed the problem that the report block refresh in the form could not clear the cache
[2020-03-27]Fixed the occasional font color change problem when exporting PDF
[2020-03-26]Fixed the problem of timed scheduling execution failure after parallel fetching is enabled
[2020-03-21]Fix ICU word segmentation error and some problems with line break errors
[2020-03-16]Fix the problem that underline, strikethrough and shadow are invalid in the designer when the performance plugin is enabled
[2020-03-11]Fixed the problem that the PDF export paper background did not cover the full range of the page
[2020-03-10]Fix the problem that the initial value of the view tree cannot be selected
[2020-03-06]Fix the inconsistency between PDF export bold and image export bold
[2020-03-06]Fixed the problem of error when PDF export contains blank pages
[2020-03-05]Fix the unresponsive problem when the selected font cannot display characters under high concurrency
[2020-02-28]Fixed the problem that attributes enclosed by single quotes could not be recognized in HTML parsing
[2020-02-21]A null pointer error will appear in the log when previewing some templates
[2020-02-20]Fix the problem of abnormal border length in some cases
[2020-02-14]Fixed a slight error between slash preview and PDF export
[2020-02-14]Fix the problem of thick border in PDF export
[2020-02-14]Fix the problem that the text is offset up and close to the border when PDF is exported
[2020-02-05]Fix space bar parsing error in HTML content
[2020-01-15]Fix the wrong position of the header text
[2020-01-15]Fix Symbol font display character error problem
[2020-01-14]Support the drawing of Uighur characters
[2020-01-06]Fix the problem that the stitch printing optimization of zero client printing does not take effect
[2020-01-06]Main code refactoring impact
[2019-12-18]Fix the inconsistency between PDF watermark spacing and settings
[2019-12-17]Fix the inconsistency between slash preview and PDF export
[2019-12-17]Fix the problem that HTML cannot parse less than sign in PDF export
[2019-12-09]Fix watermark size inconsistency issue
[2019-12-09]Fix bold too thick problem
[2019-12-09]Fix the problem of insufficient border length
[2019-11-27]Added plugin "Tree Node Button Performance Optimization"
[2019-11-26]Fix the problem that barcodes cannot be quickly recognized
[2019-11-25]Fix the problem that the vector watermark exceeds the content range
[2019-11-15]Fixed vector watermarks\n, \r rendering errors
[2019-11-08]Compatible with watermark density settings
[2019-11-07]Replace ICU newline dependency
[2019-10-23]Solve the problem that HTML attributes actually use parent tag attributes
[2019-09-25]Replace image watermark with vector watermark
[2019-09-17]Function point record
[2019-09-16]Fix ICU wrap drawing truncates end-of-line text
[2019-09-10]Parallel fetches performed non-auto-refreshing data sets for chart/report blocks
[2019-08-01]Export PDF font cache
[2019-07-24]Fix the problem that '\r' causes the cell content to be displayed incompletely
[2019-07-11]Druid connection pool disconnection and reconnection function
[2019-07-11]Add watermark export function
[2019-06-14]Export pdf line spacing calculation improvements
[2019-06-11]Improve font metrics cache, fix icu internationalization performance issues
[2019-05-10]Fix the problem that "Export report background" is not checked, but the export pdf has a background
[2019-05-07]Adjust the collection of function points for lattice relational operation with cache
[2019-05-06]Fix the problem of exporting pdf error for a specific template
[2019-03-29]Fix the issue of overlapping barcodes when exporting to PDF
[2019-02-26]Fix fetch issue
[2019-02-25]Fixed the issue of borders appearing when exporting PDF with barcodes in cells
[2019-02-22]Fix bug
[2019-02-15]Fix the problem of transparent background of suspended elements
[2019-02-14]Optimize drop down tree
[2019-01-30]Fixed the problem that the sub-report printing and exporting pdf effect was abnormal
[2018-12-07]Adapt to the new print export interface
[2018-12-03]Some fetches are not subject to parallel fetching problem fixes and parameter adjustments
[2018-12-03]sql execution monitoring error repair
[2018-10-29]After selecting parameters in the parameter panel, all data set fetches will no longer be triggered
[2018-09-29]Drop-down tree fuzzy search display problem
[2018-8-22]Adapt to PDF ultra-fine border preview printing
[2018-7-31]Fix the problem of automatic expansion of drop-down tree
[2018-6-8]Add server dataset support for parallel fetching
[2018-5-31]Fix performance plugin PDF failed to print barcode
[2018-5-28]Fix performance plugin remote loading failure problem
[2018-5-24]Fix issue with multiple loading of program datasets
[2018-5-22]Adapt to the new pdf printing interface
[2018-5-19]Fix parameter setting failure throwing error
[2018-5-17]Increase the parameters to control the border thickness ratio and simulate the font bold ratio
[2018-5-15]Fixed the problem of drawing rotation after PDF text vectorization
[2018-5-9]Adjust PDF to support more text vectorization
[2018-5-7]Adjust the PDF font first to use the font's own bold and italic logic, and then use the simulation logic
[2018-5-2]Improve the printing effect of pdf header and footer
[2018-4-18]An exception is thrown when the number of lines in the smart operation and maintenance template is exceeded
[2018-4-9]Dataset concurrency performance optimization
[2018-4-9]Through the jvm parameter (-Dparallels.count) or automatically set the capacity of the parallel fetch pool
[2018-4-8]Optimized anti-aliasing
[2018-3-28]Fix occasional chart blank issue
[2018-3-22]Fix the problem of linkage failurex
[2018-3-21]Fix PDF printing rich text subscript problem
[2018-1-18]Fix drop-down tree speed build related issues
[2017-12-08]Some built-in plugins
[2017-12-4] Fix the problem of transparent background of suspended text
[2017-11-23]Fix PDF printing does not support table tag
[2017-11-23]Fix drop-down tree filtering issue
[2017-12-03]New parallel fetch
[2017-10-18]Fix some bugs
[2017-9-2]Rich text optimization
[2017-9-4]Fixed the problem that the view tree could not be opened due to the rapid construction of the drop-down tree in the foreground
[2017-8-11]Added newline algorithm for internationalization
[2017-9-7]Fix known issues
[2017-9-4]Fixed the problem that the view tree could not be opened due to the rapid construction of the drop-down tree in the foreground
[2017-8-15]Adapt to 9.0
[2017-8-2]Fix the bug that the url export maintains the session
[2017-8-2]Add PNG high-efficiency output plugin
[2017-8-1]Separate index and cache to fix the bug that filtering does not work in some cases
[2017-7-19]Upgrade PDF printing default unicode font
[2017-7-18]Fix the problem that the parent node cannot be selected in the extreme drop-down tree
[2017-6-1]Added sql monitoring support
[2017-5-9]Add new index
[2017-5-4]Add druid connection pool support
[2017-4-17]Increase the lattice relation operation with cache
[2017-3-17]Fix the problem of uninstalling performance plugin deletion
[2017-2-23]Add description of features not supported by system version
[2017-2-21]Modify the interaction style of the management page

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