JSON Dataset

The plugin can convert data in JSON format into data tables that can be used in reports.

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Developer: fanruan.richie
Plugin version: 9.5.7
Update time: 2022-05-31
Jar time: 2021-05-18
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The plugin can convert data in JSON format into data tables that can be used in reports.

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[2022-04-27]Adapt to httpclient upgrade
[2022-03-22]Internationalization update
[2022-02-18]Upgrade the third-party jar package version
[2021-12-08]Cache implementation update
[2021-07-21]Plug-in internationalization is perfect
[2021-04-12]Dataset script statement transmission encryption
[2021-03-24]Data set increased locking, FineKit adaptation
[2021-03-09]Data connection button update, FineKit adaptation
[2021-03-04]Server dataset supports resource migration adaptation
[2021-02-05]Change the platform json image
[2021-02-04]FineKit Update
[2021-02-03]Data connection supports resource migration adaptation
[2020-12-29]Solve the platform dataset parameter formula identification error
[2020-11-11]Adapt to finekit
[2020-11-05]Platform Adaptive
[2020-10-12]Optimized the parameter refresh policy when switching the request mode, enhanced password security, and prompted IO exceptions in data set preview.
[2020-09-18]Improve the accuracy of test connections, optimize the parameter retention policy when switching request methods, and adjust the ui display of data connections.
[2020-08-06]post_raw supports url parameter passing.
[2020-05-11]post_raw supports dynamic parameter transfer.
[2020-05-11]Upgrade json-path to 2.4.0.
[2020-04-08]Support post_raw request application/json type dynamic parameters.
[2019-12-23]Added caching to data connections.
[2019-09-17]Solve the problem of lib conflict under the weblogic container.
[2019-05-23]The request type adds a POST_RAW, so that the parameters can be transmitted through the body in the form of raw text.
[2019-05-21]Controls and JSON data connections in decision reports can be linked.
[2019-04-19]Provides configuration modifications for the http connection used by the dataset.
[2019-04-08]Fix the problem that it cannot be saved without setting parameters.
[2019-03-19]External scripts can be introduced in the program dataset through Files.require().
[2019-03-13]The parameter adds the type to put into the request header.
[2019-02-23]Added data set types that can be used to parse JSON content using JavaScript scripts, jars after 2019-02-25 are required.
[2018-08-03]Data storage adaptation 10.0.
[2017-08-31]Use apache httpclient to solve a series of Chinese problems.
[2017-06-26]POST mode and GET mode are distinguished.
[2017-06-20]Added the ability to read all columns in advance. Note: This configuration reduces read efficiency.
[2017-06-16]Added key sorting function.
[2017-06-14]host supports setting parameters.
[2017-05-17]Added support for array parsing.
[2017-05-15]Initialize the plugin.

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