FR and BI upgrade detection tool

Upgrade detection tool for FR&BI project, support BI5.1.x

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Developer: FineBI
Plugin version: 4.2
Update time: 2022-11-03
Jar time: 2020-08-03
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Upgrade detection tool for FR&BI project, support BI5.1.x

[2022-08-29]Fix the problem of exporting too much data in excel cells
[2022-05-20]Upgrade tool adaptation FR
[2021-12-02]Block jar change restart function
[2021-11-25]Optimize Linux bootloader commands with nohup
[2021-11-25]Add BI shutdown delay after boot reboot script
[2021-10-11]Optimize the plugin dependency detection prompt message to show the plugin name: plugin name (the name of the directory where the plugin is contained)
[2021-10-11]Solve the problem of missing plugin dependencies and using the wrong version of BI jar package
[2021-10-11]Runtime library detection: msvcr120.dll file detection
[2021-09-27]Solve the problem that uploading zip is not finished and you can click to execute upgrade
[2021-09-27]Add lib detection for illegal files whitelist detection, non-jar and non-txt are given hints
[2021-09-26]Solve the reboot failure when there are no useless plugins that need to be removed
[2021-09-22]Script to remove useless plugins
[2021-09-13]Optimization of test result prompt
[2021-09-13]Add java startup script
[2021-08-24]Add plugin dependency detection
[2021-08-23]Adding bi version dependencies
[2021-08-20]Solve the problem of environment.properties file fetching failure
[2022-09-01]BI dashboard metrics dimensional percentages, dimensional basis for quick calculation of metrics filtering detection

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