Extended Chart V11

Extended Chart

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Developer: finereport.chart
Plugin version: 4.6.10
Update time: 2023-06-08
Jar time: 2021-10-25
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Extended Chart

[2023-06-02]Fix the truncation problem of the special shape column chart, optimize the scene map automatic simplification logic

[2023-05-23]Fix the incorrect data format of the smart tree map

[2023-04-21]Fixed the problem that the sequence number of the carousel directory gear map is missing

[2023-02-22]Fixed the security issues

[2022-12-28]Fixed issues such as incorrect display of extended chart data

[2022-10-28]Extended chart adapted to the latest data logic, and fixed the compatibility failure of the color scheme of the column chart with special shapes, etc.

[2022-05-23]Adapt to 11.0.5, fix the issue of empty data when refreshing carousel pie chart

[2022-04-11]International update

[2022-03-02]Optimize the percentage display problem of the flashing gauge

[2022-02-18]Fixed scene map drill map performance and other issues

[2022-01-13]Fixed the issue of false save when modifying the color matching of the special shape column chart

[2021-12-16]Fixed the issue that the title font size of the carousel GIS point map is displayed incorrectly

[2021-10-20]Fixed issues such as empty series of column charts with special shapes, unsaved coordinate axes, abnormal display of gear switch in carousel directory, etc.

[2021-09-23]Develop env-version

[2021-07-30]Fixed the issue that the "shape" of the scene map is displayed incorrectly

[2021-06-25]Fixed lack of jxbrowser.jar unable to install extended chart plugin; Fancy tree chart consumes a lot of CPU, etc.

[2021-05-08]Fixed the issue that special browsers did not display the fancy tree

[2021-04-28]Fixed the problem that the spider dataset cannot be used in the scene map and the ‘Qiao’ is not displayed

[2021-03-25]Fixed IE8 access template error and other issues

[2021-03-15]Fixed some known issues

[2021-02-04]Added carousel pie chart & added opening effect

[2020-12-31]New carousel bar chart & new carousel catalog gear chart to adjust the color size

[2020-12-12]Fixed 4.3 plugin previews common chart error by IE & scene map interaction optimization & lic internationalization

[2020-12-06]Added pixel point map and special shape column chart & fancy tree chart interaction optimization

[2020-11-25]Fixed the issue of scene map data loss

[2020-11-07]Added fancy tree chart iteration & scene map drill directory support hyperlink & open scene switching interface & json simplify automatically

[2020-9-24]Added color size iteration & internationalization of thumbnails in the designer

[2020-9-8]Added scene switching map & water polo map internationalization issues

[2020-7-30]New extended chart refresh function automatically & extended chart version authorization issue & bugs such as front-end error report of carousel gis point map

[2020-6-24]Added function of water polo chart displays negative number & fixed bugs such as extended chart memory leak & plugin registration issues

[2020-2-7]Fix bugs such as abnormal display of indicator values on the carousel luminous dashboard & incorrect throwing of the linked water polo chart and memory usage issues

[2019-12-6]Modify the error of indicator card with no background & adapt to 10.0.4

[2019-9-16]Fixed bugs such as the order of carousel 3D combination map data & custom json display

[2019-4-26]Added 3D carousel combination map

[2019-3-13]Added arc column chart & water polo chart & playback automatically

[2018-11-5]Fixed the problem that the plugin fails to load when deployed to tomcat

[2018-8-8]Adapt to 10.0

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