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I18N Bundle

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Developer: FRInternational
Plugin version: 2.8.2
Update time: {substr(2023-07-25T01:28:50.000+00:00,0,10)}
Jar time: {substr(2021-06-30T16:00:00.000+00:00 ,0,10)}
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I18N Bundle

[2023-07-24]Fix Excel export failure error

[2023-07-10]Support the login title

[2023-05-31]Fix the bug of mobile preview

[2023-04-18]Remove Spanish option support

[2022-12-15]Browser tags and export filename support internationalization,Built in Spanish options

[2022-11-29]adapt theme plugin

[2022-11-03]support the finereport jar after 2021.07.01

[2022-08-24]support hyperlinks

[2022-07-05]fix the bug of template cache

[2022-07-01]fix the bug of login language choose

[2022-06-09]Improve performance of 'inner keys import'

[2022-06-07]support bias

[2022-05-12]fix the bug of 'favourite para'

[2022-04-12]Support more languages and Optimize template making

[2022-03-28]Fix the safety bug

[2022-03-14]Fix the style of FR11

[2022-02-22]Fix the translation problem of language change options

[2021-12-06]Refine the selecting language combo.

[2021-09-30]Return key if value is empty.


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