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Developer: finereport.chart
Plugin version: 1.18.3
Update time: 2023-09-21
Jar time: 2023-05-11
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Dashboard Design Template

[2023-09-15]Fixed problems such as the API for scene map jumping does not work

[2023-09-08]Improved the ten-segment line in the carousel 3D combination map and fixed some known problems.

[2023-08-28]Fixed the position settings of the carousel button

[2023-08-25]Supported copying components across templates and copying various resources across pages, supported customizing roaming animation in 3D scenes, supported binding cell data to chart components, supported exporting extended chart components, supported uploading models in batches, supported lazy loading of carousel components, and merged configuration items into FVS template settings

[2023-08-14]Optimized the limit for uploading GeoJSON 3D city. Added an exitFullscreen interface. Some components supported downgrade rendering. Marquee supported cell charts.

[2023-08-04]Fix the security problem

[2023-07-31]Added functions such as template data alert, table component zooming in, and drop-down tree and view tree widgets; Supported zooming in by box selection when previewing a template; Supported downloading online zip file in the resource center to local; Optimized the logic of the component corner label

[2023-07-14]Supported mobile preview, 3D components (except for Unity components), added frame rate detection, added smooth rendering mode, supported RTSP and RTMP protocols for surveillance videos, added template watermark settings, supported setValue for tables, supported communication with pages for Iframe component, and optimized the closeDialog interface

[2023-07-03]Optimized GeoJSON detection rules; Added interfaces for new data layer: subscribeMarkerData, updateMarkerData; Supported inserting formulas in web links of pop-up box and monitoring video; Supported exporting templates

[2023-06-16]Optimized the data label rendering effect of 3D components, added table sorting function, supported parameter linkage during paging, supported getValueJSAPI for title components, allowed that adding 3D city model and customized model components only refreshes data API

[2023-06-02]Optimize the automatic simplification logic of the scene map, support the JSAPI of the chart component, support cross-template copy and paste for pagination, add FRM application version management, optimize the FTP preview mechanism, and fix some known problems

[2023-05-22]Fix template preview error in Tomcat

[2023-05-19]Support opening multiple FVS templates in the designer; support remoteEvaluate API; optimize 3D model motion API and focus API; 3D model environment reflection is disabled by default; control data dictionary pop-up window is changed to front-end implementation

[2023-05-05]Fixed jquery compatibility issues

[2023-04-27]Added fvs hyperlinks to open new tabs in the platform, supported dynamic values for parameter passing in webpage frames, preserved the dynamic relationship between components when copying components, enabled default JSAPI when moving to the next page; Optimized unreasonable tips for Unity component resources

[2023-04-14]Added 3D component model control JSAPI, productization of marquee;FVS component supports alt rapid copy;Removed loading of component monitoring refreshing

[2023-03-31]Added canvas auxiliary line; Added JSAPI to move to the next page in table component; Optimized shortcut key paste; Fixed some known problems

[2023-03-17]Added 3D time system, two-way fitting adaptive prompt; optimized 3D model lighting design, component copy and paste logic; support 83 version of chrome

[2023-03-03]Fixed some known issues

[2023-02-17]Added resource reuse, support for model and light source selection, support for copying and pasting FRM extended charts to FVS

[2023-01-13]Added 3D filters, support for copying FRM table and chart components to FVS; optimize color interval components

[2023-01-09]BUGFixed the BUG of the simple style effect of the 3D city

[2022-12-29]Custom model components add dynamic ground effects, table components support pagination and export, and widget filtering takes effect on 3D components; optimize the custom model environment and light source shadow effects

[2022-12-12]Add commercial free fonts, support tab block scene

[2022-11-28]Optimize hover style

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