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UEditor Rich Text Widget

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Developer: onlyxx
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Update time: 2022-02-15
Jar time: 2020-07-07
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UEditor Rich Text Widget

This plugin is an encapsulation of wangEditor rich text plugin. It realizes all the editing functions including inserting image and a wysiwyg editing interface. The inserted images are stored in the format of base64, so it is recommended to set the field type as large text in your database; otherwise, the image may not be stored in the database even though success message is prompted.

This plugin is for FineReport 10.0 only.

The HTML text generated by this plugin is not guaranteed to be consistent with the exported HTML text. Please contact us to get information about the HTML tags that can be exported normally. 

The specific HTML tags supported by fr are as follows:

Can be used in cell.

Common database format




2020-04-24 Initialization

2021-07-08 Update the preview bug in the directory

2021-10-12 Support FineReport 11.0

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