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What is FineReport and How does it Benefit Your Business


An increasing number of companies are on their way to break the dilemma of data silos. In this context, BI tools with powerful functionalily and industry experience become a must-have when achieving this goal.

FineReport is to help companies transform data into value.

If you are new to FineReport and interested in this product, come and join this webinar. We will help you gain a deeper understanding of FineReport and informationalization in just half an hour.

The webinar is going to cover:
  • Features and advantages of FineReport
  • Sample applications in business
  • Resources available for experiencing FineReport on your own 
You can download the following resources before the webinar to build basic knowledge on FineReport:
  • FineReport Introduction: No matter who you are, we highly recommend you to view this document. Some main points will be illustrated during the webinar. 
  • FineReport Whitepaper: For technical person, this document uses samples to introduce the product architecture in detail.
  • FineReport Brochure: You can share FineReport with your colleagues with this illustrated brochure.

To get fully prepared for the webinar, please ensure you have downloaded and activated FineReport:

We've created a FineReport user group. If you're interested, you can scan the QR code below to join the WhatsApp group. We will share in the group the courseware and learning resources before the webcast. You can also freely communicate and ask any questions about the product in the group.

About the Speaker
Will Wang

Regional Manager & Senior Technical Consultant

Will Wang is the sales representative via regional manager of FineReport over-sea team. Data visualization is all about his life motto.

Wed, April 14, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT+8