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FineReport V11.0 Release Event

FineReport V11.0 Officially Released
  • To enhance customer satisfaction, Fanruan software have launched the FineReport V11.0, in the second quarter of 2023. the lastest version is the result of three years of demand collection, product discussion, development, and testing, and is designed to help enterprise users not only make better use of their data but also create greater value.
  • If you haven't tried FineReport products yet, you can learn about the latest product developments of FineReport in this press conference, with rich learning resources available for your reference during the trial.
  • If you are already a FineReport user, you can experience the comprehensive improvement of the product in all dimensions here with the upgrade information. Feel free to contact us at any time for version upgrades.

Focused on report application, FineReport V11.0 provides diverse report development modes for different scenarios as well as strengthens its basic functions in order to improve performance, stability, and security.

This is the first public introduction of FineReport V11.0. To become a one-stop data application platform, FineReport V11.0 tries to apply data from demand management, data sorting to data presentation, and open interconnection with various information systems.

What will be covered?
  • Offers an overview of the improvements in all aspects of the FineReport V11.0.
  • Give a detailed demonstration of the highlights, including but not limited to FVS large-screen editing mode, open interconnection, performance and security.
  • Shares the up-to-date information ahout product resources and a fast channel for old versions upgrading.
  • 5 minutes for Q&A, feel free to ask any questions about the FineReport V11.0.
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Who should attend?

This press conference is designed for anyone who are interested in Lastest FineReport.

We welcome IT Engineers, Managers, Project Leads, and Analysts to join us from:

  • Data Management
  • Analytics/Business Intelligence/Insights
  • Strategy/Innovation/Transformation
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology/Enterprise IT Architecture
  • Operations (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, etc.)

To get fully prepared for the training section, please download and activate FineReport in advance.

You can also join our FineReport User Group to connect, learn and enjoy FineReport with data experts and enthusiasts. We will share in the group the courseware and learning resources. Please feel free to communicate and ask questions in the group.

About the Speaker

FanRuan APAC Director, Senior Customer Consultant

Dedicated and motivated BI analyst.Persistence and resilience in promoting into a much defined market.

Friday, April 21 2023

3:00PM - 4:00 PM GMT +8