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Best Practices for Dashboard Design: Tips on Dynamic Charts, Animation Effects, Styles and Layouts


From time to time, enterprises require dashboards to tell stories or demonstrate real-time business performance.

The most common steps for creating dashboards are:

  • connect to databases by coding
  • create charts based upon open-source HTML5 chart APIs
  • finetune styles and layout

In this way, plenty of time is spent on learning coding techniques, solving bugs, and maintaining the dashboard when the requirements change.


If you want to create dashboards in a short time and save your time on dashboard maintenance, why not try out FineReport:

  • it provides a unique design interface for dashboard making
  • a large number of dynamic charts are embedded
  • you can realize animation (e.g. refresh, marquee and carousel) with very few codes
  • the style and layout of dashboard components can be highly customized
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Join us on November 30 (Tuesday) at 2:30 PM (GTM+8) and take a look at how FineReport becomes your right-hand tool in dashboard design.

To get fully prepared for the webinar, please download and activate FineReport in advance.

You can also join our FineReport User Group to connect, learn and enjoy FineReport with data experts and enthusiasts. We will share in the group the courseware and learning resources. Please feel free to communicate and ask questions in the group.

About the Speaker
Constance Wang


In charge of optimizing product experience and promoting best practices. Slave of her cat.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM GMT+8