[Banking] How does the monitoring platform warn of millions of potentially risky transactions?

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Company: Fuding Rual Credit Cooperative
Industry: Bank
Region: Fujian Province, China
Product: FineReport, Mobile
Scenario: Finance, Marketing, Management, Cockpit, Risk Control
Status: Provincial leader
Year: 2019

A major problem faced by banking and financial industries is risk. Fuding Rural Credit Cooperative used FineReport to build a complete risk monitoring platform to conduct real-time monitoring of self-service equipment and credit business, which greatly improves the efficiency of risk monitoring and handles risks. Half a year after the platform went online, a total of several million yuan of potential risk transactions were alerted, and a monthly processing fee of tens of thousands of yuan was saved for convenience service stations. In addition, it has also achieved good data application results in business analysis and solidified marketing.

  • alert more than 1.5 million yuan of potential risks
  • save tens of thousands of yuan of fees each month
  • mobile marketing

1. Company Profile

Fuding Rural Credit Cooperative was founded in 1954. In 2006, the Fuding Rural Credit Cooperative Union was established. After several generations of hard work and unremitting pursuit, Fuding Rural Credit Cooperative has become an integrated financial enterprise with the oldest brand, the largest scale, the largest number of branches, and high quality of service and reputation of the city. The Credit Union currently has 12 departments including the Comprehensive Department and the Business Development Department. There are 27 business branches in the city, with 54 self-service banks, of which 27 are off-site banks.

There are 12 departments including the General Department and Business Development Department in the city ’s Associated Press agency. There are 27 branches in the city. There are 54 self-service banks in the Associated Press, of which 27 are self-service self-service banks.

2. Project Background

With the continuous development of Fuding Rural Credit Cooperative Union, the needs of business departments have been increasing. In the process of informatization, the technology department encountered the following problems:

1) There were too many systems and the data was messy. Dozens of systems such as data reporting system, post-supervision system, audit system, and office automation system are used together, but they cannot communicate with each other, leading to the isolation of data and the formation of information islands, which are difficult to share, exchange and use. The data also cannot achieve a unified caliber because data rules of different systems are inconsistent.

2) The report production cycle was long, and reports at all levels have been repeatedly produced, wasting human resources. In the past, all departments used Excel to develop data from various systems, which was not only slow and but also difficult to reuse.

3) Business processes were not convenient enough. According to the previous working methods, customers need to apply at branches to handle business. It is urgent to change the current status and liberate more productive forces to develop business.

Therefore, Fuding Rural Credit Cooperative Union urgently needed to build a comprehensive decision-making platform that conforms to the characteristics of credit cooperatives, gathering the required data and information, and managing them in a unified manner. On this basis, multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis is performed, such as performance system, customer analysis, business index analysis, risk analysis, etc., to improve the Bank's operational capabilities and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. Furthermore, through data mining, decision analysis, etc., the purpose of finding potential markets and potential customers will be achieved. After a variety of market research and selection comparisons, Fuding Rural Credit Cooperative Union finally chose to cooperate with FanRuan to start a new exploration of data management.

3. Application Scenarios

3.1 Risk monitoring platform

With the acceleration of the process of economic integration and financial globalization and the rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet, the scale of business of financial institutions has increased rapidly, and the variety of businesses has become increasingly diverse. The risks brought by emerging businesses such as Internet finance and electronic payment are also endless. Under the influence of internal and external factors, rural credit cooperatives have shown a weak side in risk monitoring. A complete risk monitoring system is very needed to improve the overall risk prevention and control system in the bank.

3.1.1 Risk monitoring of self-service equipment

There are many self-service machines in the bank. In the past, humans were unable to analyze abnormal and suspicious transactions from massive data, which not only caused great difficulties in bank supervision, but also could not distinguish the costs of non-real transactions. This caused great transaction risks and capital costs for the Bank. Therefore, a complete risk monitoring system is needed to improve the risk prevention and control system in the Bank.


After the risk monitoring platform was launched, the supervisory data was visualized, and suspicious transaction data of customers was pushed to the managers of each branch every day to carry out targeted risk resolution. After the platform was launched in February 2019, a total of more than 150 potentially risky trading branches were found, with 2,431 suspicious transactions involving a total of RMB 1.5027 million. Through the risk monitoring to eliminate suspicious transactions, the monthly fee for small service points of the Credit Union is reduced by 10,000 yuan.

3.1.2 Credit business risk monitoring

Credit business is one of the main businesses of every financial institution. The quality of the loan is of great importance to the business development of the bank and even its future survival. Credit risk is still the main risk point faced by the Bank. The high non-performing rate of credit business is the main factor that threatens the bank's policy operation and sustainable development. Therefore, it is very important to carry out comprehensive risk prevention and control of the credit business, including non-performing rate and credit scale.


Based on the visual monitoring platform, currently using FineReport can achieve the following functions:

  • Monitor the daily scale of credit business, realize T + 1 to analyze the business;
  • Classify and analyze various credit granting businesses and control businesses with high NPL ratios;
  • Carry out risk monitoring on loan investment according to scale, and provide early warning of large deviations in the industry;
  • The bad credit list of customers will be pushed to relevant departments for collection of accounts.

In short, the risk monitoring platform has played a vital role in improving the Bank's risk monitoring system, not only greatly improving the efficiency of risk monitoring, but also making risk management more timely.

3.2 Business Department Cockpit

The Bank currently has 12 departments, including the Comprehensive Department and the Business Development Department. Each department has different businesses and concerns about different data. Based on this situation, the Department of Science and Technology of the Bank develops the cockpit for each department, to help make business decisions and assist work intuitively and quickly.

So far, the first phase of the development of the business department cockpit has been completed. The cockpit has realized the analysis of the deposit structure, loan structure, deposit-loan ratio structure, and customer structure, and business marketing report for the three levels of city, town, and village. At the same time, it implements hierarchical drill control of authority, which is divided according to Credit Cooperative Union, branches, and employees.

In the past, if the business department wanted to obtain the above data, they needed to export Excel data from different systems and then aggregate it, which took a long time. In addition, the use of manual statistical data can easily cause data errors and negatively affect business decisions. Now through the business department cockpit, each department can intuitively obtain the desired data, and the data is more accurate and timely.


3.3 Solidified Marketing

As one of the main businesses of the Bank, the importance of marketing is self-evident. With the continuous development of banking business, existing marketing strategies and auxiliary tools have gradually failed to meet business needs. In order to push the business forward steadily, the leadership formulates a solidified marketing strategy, which solidifies daily marketing work into life and work. At the same time, real-time registration, network statistics, and credit union broadcasts are required. Based on this demand, the Department of Science and Technology used the FineReport platform to achieve VPN penetration, and completed mobile terminal solidified marketing registration, branch marketing analysis, Credit Cooperative Union marketing analysis, personal data statistics, etc.



4. Project experiences

Compared with other large banks, the credit union is relatively weak in terms of science and technology due to the influence of institutional, geographical and other factors. It needs to build its own comprehensive decision cockpit, which can not only provide decision support for the leadership, but also provide less repeated reporting work for various departments, truly achieving the purpose of improving the quality and efficiency of the entire bank.


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