[Energy Chemicals] Give full play to the advantages of a unified platform to deeply mine data resources

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Company: Yuntianhua Group
Industry: Energy Chemicals
Region: Yunnan Province
Product: FineReport, visual dashboards for large screen
Scenario: marketing, inventory, equipment, IT department, business report
Scale: Ten billion
Status: Industry leader
Year: 2018

Yuntianhua Group has a solid information foundation, and has built a group data center with FineReport. Various types of data such as production, supply, sales, people, finance, and goods have been displayed on large screen with "dynamic & static" effects. It can be used for visits and exchanges externally, and internally, both as a support for group meetings and as a basis for business decisions, showing clear thinking and intuitive effect.

  • External display and communication with dynamic and static effects
  • Significant improvement in conference quality and efficiency
  • Low investment and high return

1. Company Profile

Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned comprehensive industrial group based on chemical fertilizers, modern agriculture, and new fiberglass materials. At the same time, it has also diversified into the petrochemical, phosphate mining and selection, phosphate chemical business and manufacturing services, industrial finance and other business sectors. The predecessor was the Yunnan Natural Gas Chemical Plant, which was completed and put into operation in 1977. In 1990, it was named the first national first-level enterprise in Yunnan Province. It is now a member of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises, and it is also the first among the Top 100 Chinese Fertilizer Enterprises.

2. Project Background

After more than 30 years of development, Yuntianhua Group currently has a number of industrial platforms with comparative advantages at home and abroad, such as phosphate compound fertilizer, phosphate ore mining, and new fiberglass materials. The Group attaches great importance to the construction of information technology, and has completed the construction of ERP systems for more than 80 subsidiaries and OA systems for 26 subsidiaries, achieving information sharing and business collaboration, and laying a solid foundation for the construction of data centers at the group level.
Beginning in December 2015, the Group selected FineReport to complete the construction of its data center. All kinds of data of the Group's production, supply, sales, people, finance, and goods were displayed on large screen with dynamic and static effects. The project has achieved good results. And the project case has been affirmed by all sectors of society. At present, it has received hundreds of visits and exchanges from government agencies at all levels and partner companies.

3. Project Value

The project value is mainly reflected in six aspects: low construction cost, rich display content, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable system, and wide application scenarios.



4. Application Scenarios

4.1 Dynamic and static display of various types of data

In the process of external communication, the production, operation, sales, purchasing and other aspects of the group are summarized and presented through the report system to achieve dynamic and static display of data.

  • Internet & Agriculture

The "Internet + Precision Agriculture Platform" of Yuntianhua Group uses intelligent fertilizer micro-factories as the core to build a new type of agricultural Internet and customized production model to provide farmers, growers and agricultural operators with intelligent remote scientific fertilizer distribution, soil testing and improvement, planting guidance, pest control, rural e-commerce and other integrated professional services. This report shows the data flow of the micro-factory through dynamic data flow diagrams, the principle of the fertilizer distribution machine through video, and the operating data and conditions of each micro-factory through charts.


  • Analysis of Cultivated Land Area, Agricultural Product Price and Group Fertilizer Product Sales

By capturing data on the cultivated land area and agricultural product prices nationwide, and combining the sales volume of the group's fertilizer products in various regions, the sales situation of the products is analyzed and displayed.


  • Central computer room operation monitoring

The dashboard displays real-time information about the connection of the group's dedicated line, the operation of the server, the temperature and humidity of the computer room, the power supply of the UPS, the trend of the business volume of the ERP system, the trend of the number of online users of the OA system, and the use of storage space.


4.2 Group regular meetings

It is mainly used for weekly group meetings, monthly business meetings, production conferences, and marketing conferences. Through the system platform, both the quality and efficiency of meetings can be improved, while meeting costs can be greatly reduced.

Various reports are automatically generated, data is comprehensive, and historical trends are displayed, which is helpful for meeting analysis and decision-making. Such as the following dashboard is weekly marketing data analysis. It displays the import and export situation of the group's weekly sulfur and fertilizer, main product inventory, price trends and other data in real time.


4.3 Management Analysis

Provide report query services for group employees through terminals such as personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones, and provide data analysis services for professional business personnel.

  • Inventory value analysis


You can display the company's inventory value in real time through the floor plan. The darker the color, the higher the inventory value. Move the mouse to display the total inventory value. And you can click to display the inventory list.

Display of inventory based on satellite images

  • Product sales analysis: business personnel freely combine report dimensions for data analysis.


  • Group's global asset distribution


5. Project experiences

1) The quality of the data is the key to the success of the report item. To do group-level data analysis and display, you must first unify master data.

2) Find the pain points of business staff first, and then solve the pain points of business staff through reports.

3) Develop different reports for different users. (The fewer clicks for ordinary users to view the report, the better. And professional users can freely combine dimensions for data analysis.)

4) If you don't know how to display user data, please refer to FineReport Demo.


Use magic Report

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