[Manufacturing] IT empowers epidemic prevention and control, data construction ensures business operations

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Company: Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing & Electronic
Region: Guangdong Province
Product: FineReport, Mobile
Scenario: Epidemic Prevention and Control
Scale: 100 million
Status: Industry Leader
Year: 2020

1. Company Profile

Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the production and sales of high-density printed circuit boards. It is widely used in computers, power meters, automobiles, and home appliances.

  • It uses advanced production quality control systems and product quality inspection systems in its production operations and introduces internationally advanced production technology and equipment.
  • Its business scope includes research and development, production and sales of new electronic components (high-density printed circuit boards, etc.), product sales at home and abroad.
  • It provides technical services and consulting, R & D, production, and sales of electronic products and communications equipment, computers and intelligent terminal software and hardware. Design and development of smart city management system, smart home management system, IOT system, pension management system, sports management system, health management system, fund management system, big data, and cloud service system.

2. Project Background

The sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by COVID-19 rages across the world. For the manufacturing industry, the resumption of work and production during the epidemic and the safety of employees are the key and difficult points. Many front-line employees are stranded in various parts of the country, and production cannot be fully recovered, companies are facing pressure to deliver orders received before.

In the current tough period of epidemic prevention and control, how to use IT construction and data applications to promote the process of employee work and ensure the safety of employees, thereby reducing the impact of the epidemic, restoring the normal production and operation of enterprises, has become the focus of attention of all walks of life, and has become the daily routine of various enterprises.

3. Application Scenarios

Full process information control, differentiated personnel management

The focus of epidemic prevention and control and personnel returning to work is on the collection and arrangement of information in the early stage and the implementation of targeted measures in the later stage. The company adopts a three-step strategy, involving four major data systems, which effectively manages personnel.

3.1 Fill in and report employee travel information online

Company employees come from all corners of the world, and it is especially important to determine the schedule of employees during the epidemic. Considering that some employees do not use the OA system, the company uses FineReport's reporting function on the front end to quickly develop epidemic reporting templates. From the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the company began to collect statistics on the travel of personnel and then collected data on employees' return paths and health status, including departure, destination, and whether or not to stay in the affected area.


3.2 Make a differentiated return-to-work plan

In the second step, all personnel data is integrated into the enterprise's OA system and converted into the corresponding approval process. The team leader combined the return-to-work policies to classify employees in different regions and situations and determine the return-to-work plan. The administration will receive a specific list of personnel and make timely arrangements for those who need to be isolated.

3.3 Connect with work attendance data and strengthen personnel control

The third step is to strengthen personnel management based on the data. The IT department performed data matching and setting on the factory's access control system. Previously, all company employees could use the access control to enter the park, but now only employees who match the return-to-work status of the day can enter.
The second layer involves the company's attendance system. In order to prevent employees who shouldn’t return to work from passing through the access control and entering the factory floor. Employees who should not return to work that day cannot enter attendance data even if they enter the workshop through access control.

4. Project Experience

The informatization of Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. mainly revolves around two directions: digitization of business systems and IoT. Informatization includes both digital and visual aspects. Data needs to be seen in order to realize more value. In order to achieve this goal, Zhongjing Electronics has built a unified report analysis platform and used FineReport to upgrade the electronic dashboard.


In the past, the dashboard was relatively simple, only displaying the output and scrap information. After upgrading, various information was aggregated, including the production completion rate, shift schedule, equipment status, risk warning, etc. The interface content and form richness have been greatly improved, and the relevant information is clear at a glance.


The upgrade of the electronic dashboard in the workshop has greatly promoted the construction of the data culture of the enterprise. After seeing the convenience brought by data visualization, business departments such as procurement, administration, and management put forward their own needs around their own business scenarios.

In the past, when the monthly settlement was carried out, the physical goods had been shipped but the account settlement was lagging, which brought great challenges to risk management and planning collaboration. After the shipment status tracking dashboard is online, the daily shipment is clear, and the manufacturing department is implemented to realize the corresponding shipment plan.

In addition, data reports and warning information will be automatically pushed to various WeChat workgroups according to demand. Under the influence of a strong data culture atmosphere, the company‘s mobile office is advancing in an orderly manner, and mobile applications and CS architecture applications have gradually transformed into BS architecture applications and the construction of conference systems. It provided a solid technical foundation for responding to this sudden outbreak of COVID-19.


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