[unsolved] I need to display my reports in my web application

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Hello ,

I need your support please.
I need to display the reports that i did using finereport in my java web application : developed in Java in eclipse
To run my java application i'm using tomcat server.
How can i display my reports when i run this application?

Thank you in advance

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Use magic Report


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         If you want to deploy the report project to an existing web project, you can refer to this document:
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Hello ,

Thank you for your response , I still have the issue
Could you please see in details what i did :
- in my java web project and under the folder WEB-INF i paste the 7 folders : assets, assist,classes,embed,lib,plugins and reportls
-then in html file i added a section :
    <iframe src="http://localhost:8080/faurecia-monitoring/decision/view/form?viewlet=MDM%2BDEV%252FWFs%2Bstatus%2Brates.frm" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 800px;">
But When i start the server it's not working.
Is tehre a missing step and what could be my mistake.

Please refer to my attached  Screenshot.

Thank you for your advice
Capturefine report.PNG
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Based on your feedback, you need to confirm the following questions
1-Can the web project start successfully? This is a prerequisite
To detect whether the deployment is successful: restart Tomcat, open the browser, enter in the address
http:/ip:port/project name/decision, if you can successfully enter the page shown in the figure below, it means that the FineReport application integrates the Web application and deploys the Tomcat server successfully;

If you cannot access the decision platform by accessing http:/ip: port/project name/decision, it means that your project has not been successfully deployed.
You can copy tools.jar under %JAVA_HOME%/jdk/lib to the deployed server For details, refer to: Tools.jar-https://help.finereport.com/doc-view-2475.html introduced in server deployment.

2- After the server starts successfully, please check the storage location of the html page, the html file needs to be placed in the WebContent directory

3-Src in iframe, you can use / directly, without transcoding
<iframe src="http://localhost:8080/faurecia-monitoring/decision/view/form?viewlet=demo/Dashboard/Smart City.frm" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 800px ;">

The final effect is as follows
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