[Template Download] A Sales Dashboard Tells You What People Like Most to Buy for Christmas!

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Christmas Sales Dashboard.jpg

This Christmas dashboard is an online sales dashboard that I made with data from the Internet.

Let’s first look at the two charts on the left. The bar chart below shows the sales of each category of products, and the line chart above shows the annual sales of a certain category of products. Note that the two charts on the left are linked, that is, if you click on different product categories in the bar chart below, the annual sales volume of the corresponding product category will be displayed in the line chart above.

The cool 3D earth map in the middle shows the logistics route of goods ordered for Christmas, and the thickness of the flow line corresponds to the sales volume of the goods. The style of the flow lines can also be customized.

In the upper right corner of the dashboard is a word cloud diagram showing the categories of Christmas gifts people most want. The larger the font, the more popular such gifts are.

Finally, let ’s take a look at the real-time sales chart in the bottom right corner. This chart can be connected to a database system to update the real-time sales data. And through the above water polo chart, we can observe the warehouse stock of the products in real time. When the storage volume is below the warning line, a red warning will be displayed, and a pop-up box will appear informing you: out of inventory.

The data on this Christmas sales dashboard may be not accurate. I just want to make some interesting visualizations.

If you are interested, leave me a message under this post. I will be happy to share with you the tips for making dashboards.

Have fun with this Christmas Dashboard!



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