[Company News] Thousands of CIOs Gather in FanRuan Intelligent Data Conference 2019

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On August 15-17, the 2019 FanRuan Conference was held at the Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel. The conference attracted many CIOs and other executives. Over 1400 participants, more than 700 participating companies, and 15 exhibiting partners attended the meeting. Thousands of CIOs talked about data gravity in the conference venue, and CIOs discussed the value of data management in seven major industry sessions. There are also five sessions of data application in different scenarios, speeches of more than 50 executives from benchmarking enterprises.


Marks, CEO, and co-founder of FanRuan; Yang Yang, president of FanRuan Data Application Research Institute; Taixin Lu, CTO of JUSDA Supply Chain Management International Co., Ltd and Xiangming Ding, manager of Huawei Cloud Intelligent Data Service delivered keynote speeches respectively. Besides, FanRuan and Huawei released “FanRuan + Huawei Cloud Joint Solution.”


Quest For the Extreme on the Main Track of Business Intelligence

Companies must concentrate on the main track of their choice. However, big data has many sub-fields, such as data aggregation, data accumulation, and data analysis, etc. In the past 13 years of exploration, FanRuan always pursues a particular field to do deeply and perfect; the area is Business Intelligence Platform.
——Marks, CEO and co-founder of FanRuan Software

  • How to choose the main track: do what you do best

Why focus on Business Intelligence Platforms? Marks emphasized that developing data analysis tools is our best. However, in terms of data analysis, you can generate data visualization, data mining, or business intelligence tools.

How to choose from them? Marks stressed that transforming data into value is our goal. We hope even the most uncomplicated two-dimensional reports we made can save 28 million costs for enterprise users. And BI plays an irreplaceable role in helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. For this reason, the BI platform is the main track for FanRuan to achieve the goal.

CEO and Co-founder of FanRuan, Marks

  • How to quest for the extreme: be crazy like Forrest Gump

Once you set the goal, you should go crazy. On this main track, FanRuan should focus on the user experience rather than product quantity, and concentrate on serving users rather than pursuing KPIs.

How to realize questing for extreme? In the view of Marks, FanRuan ‘s products should be stable, safe, practical, easy-to-use, flexible, and fast. “We hope we crazy stick to the goal like Forrest Gump, ” Marks said,” and the pursuit of FanRuan is five core scenarios, six aspects can achieve the ultimate quest. ” Each product line is not to have many features, but the product experience of each release should be good enough.

Interpret the Data’s Gravitational Field

  • The way to achieve the data value

How to achieve the profit of data? Yang Yang interpreted the data from three aspects: reliability, depth, and speed. A group of valuable data, on the premise of qualified data quality and unified data measurement scale, should be deeply matched with specific business scenarios, and ultimately, corresponding to the rapid changes in market competition and business development.

How to improve the effectiveness of IT departments in specific scenarios such as precision marketing, customer satisfaction survey, cost-saving, and efficiency improvement? Yang Yang believes that IT can improve efficiency from three perspectives: improving the cognitive skill of people, enhancing data analysis tools, and improving the management chain of data applications.

President of FanRuan Data Application Research Institute, Yang Yang

  • Mining data value in different industries

When data creates value, how can data values ​​be applied in different industries? This is a question that FanRuan has been exploring for many years. In addition to providing data analysis and business intelligence products, FanRuan is also actively involved in various industries. Let products match the specific business needs of each sector and generate value that can power the industry.

In the end, Yang Yang said that FanRuan had provided a large number of application solutions in 12 industries. In the future, FanRuan will insist on probing the data operation rules of different sectors and release greater data gravity.

  • “FanRuan +Huawei Cloud Joint Solution” is Released

As the leader in their respective fields, FanRuan and Huawei Cloud will continue to strengthen collaboration, jointly building a new era of digital information.


Demo Show

In the end, seven of FanRuan’s clients, who are professional in data application, shared excellent data application cases briefly and showed results data analysis.


“By dividing the labels of customers on the user maps, and grouping and mining these labels, we did a more in-depth analysis of various business and customers, which increased the conversion rate by 20%”
——Zhengbiao Guo, Manager of the Data Engineering Department, Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd.

“A complete data application system provides data services to nearly 30,000 employees, hundreds of thousands of customers and partners.”
——Yan Xiong, CTO, Jiangsu Yanghe Brewery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.

“With the help of FanRuan, we have completed the production of more than 300 reports, developed more functions, and efficiently supported business decisions.”
——Ding Song, Director of IT Strategy Consulting, Beijing Meizhong Yihe Women & Children Hospital Co., Ltd.

“The intelligent site system built by data application has reduced our construction cost by more than 60% at least.”
——Jun Tang, Director of BIM Center, China First Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.

“We build online goods forecasting model through intelligent analysis model, which increased our inventory turnover by more than 20%”
——Hao Yang, CIO, Hunan Mendale Hometextile Co., Ltd.

“After a series of operational management upgrades, a report of a monitoring center reduced the delivery delay rate of shipping by 53%, and a report of financial staffs increased the turnover rate of receivables by 21%”
——Bo Li, Director of Information Department, Dingfeng International  Logistics Co., Ltd.

“Using the analysis and diagnosis platform, we achieved excellent results. Firstly, we set severe malfunction alerts in each power plant. Secondly, we improved patrol efficiency. Thirdly, the safety is ensured in the flood season.”
——Jian Xiao,  Senior Engineer, Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company

Industry Case Exhibition


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