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1. Welcome to the FineReport Community!

The Community is a wonderful place for you to start your FineReport journey, where you will find tips for product use, share ideas with other like-minded people, and get support and inspiration. It allows users to make connections, share knowledge, experiences, and solutions which helps improve personal skills and build great future products. If you’re also people who love telling stories with data, join us as soon as possible to meet the smartest data experts and enthusiasts and get a great experience together!

2. Logging in

By becoming a registered member of our community, you can post topics and questions, reply to questions, interact with other members to exchange private messages, and share suggestions and ideas for products. If you’re not logged in, you cannot post your own topics or reply to others but only browse and search for information.

Registration is very easy. All you need is a personal account, a password and an email address.
Register here here right now!

3. How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly
If you want to get the most out of the forums and find answers quickly, we recommend you follow the guidelines below.

1) Search the forums before asking your question

The answer to your question might already be there within the Community. The best place to find a post with a similar thread is the search bar on the Forums page or community homepage. If somebody else has posted your issue, use the Search functionality is the fastest way to get your question answered.

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Search on Homepage or Forums Page

2) Type your question and post in the correct category

Enter the subject and details of your question and select the correct category. This will help others find your question. Some top answerers of our community and the official support team of FineReport will check regularly the different categories of the forums and pick clearly described questions to answer.


You can see all the questions you have posted and all your replies on under your "My Profile" page.

3) Be polite and nice

Most people in the community are volunteers and real people who collaborate on questions, issues and ideas about the products and services they are passionate about. Complaints and abusive behaviors won’t make answerers endeavor to help you. Being polite and nice to other users in the community encourages the spirit of communication, cooperation and discovery.

In short, we are so glad you are here. We hope you can share with us your ideas, experiences and insights to drive product change and real improvements. Let’s build the FineReport Community together!

If you have any problems, ideas or suggestions about the community, please shoot an email to community@fanruan.com.


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