[Company News] IDC: FanRuan ranks No.1 in China’s BI market share in H1 2019

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According to IDC Semiannual Software Tracker for the First Half of 2019, China’s business intelligence software market size was $ 210 million in the first half of 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 24.6%. IDC predicts that the size of China’s business intelligence software market in 2019 will be USD 550 million, with a year-on-year increase of 26.2%. By 2023, the size of China’s business intelligence software market will reach $ 1.65 billion, and the overall compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the market in the next five years will be 32.0%.

The performance of vendors in the Chinese business intelligence software market in the first half of 2019 is as follows:
FanRuan ranks first with a market share of 14.9%. In recent years, FanRuan has continuously strengthened the construction of ecological partners and deepened the industry market, and the market size has continued to expand. SAP and Microsoft rank second and third with a market share of 9.3% and 7.7%, respectively. IBM and SAS have a long-term user base in the financial industry, ranking fourth and fifth with 6.5% and 4.9% respectively.

In China’s business intelligence software sub-market, report analysis software is still the most important market demand at present, and its market share in the first half of 2019 was 72.8%. The market share of advanced analytics and predictive analytics accounted for 27.2%.

Wang Nan, IDC’s enterprise software market analyst in China, said, “In recent years, in the context of the industry’s digital transformation, enterprises are paying more and more attention to the value of data. At the same time, the popularity and scenarioization of big data analysis applications continue to drive the rapid growth of the business intelligence software market. As a direct tool for the value of data, business intelligence software has become indispensable in many areas. Users generally have strong demand for newer business intelligence application scenarios such as data visualization, large screen dashboard, and data maps. ”

Why are more and more customers choosing FanRuan?

FanRuan has taken the first place in China’s BI market for three consecutive years. This is the result of FanRuan’s continued deep cultivation of the commercial field for 13 years. Just last month, the number of customers cooperating with FanRuan exceeded 10,000.

  • Make products with efforts

Since its establishment in 2006, FanRuan has insisted on independent innovation and has been committed to creating a high-quality product ecosystem. It has launched two mainstream products: FineReport, an enterprise-level web reporting tool, and FineBI, a business intelligence tool. The former focuses on fixed data display to help IT quickly build an enterprise reporting platform and respond quickly to management needs; the latter focuses on exploratory data analysis to help business and data analysts conduct problem-oriented data exploration and better empower the business.

Later, FanRuan introduced digital large screen solutions and FineMobile, a mobile data analysis platform adapted to different scenarios. In the application of enterprise data, a complete product ecology has been formed.

For the products, as FanRuan’s product manager said, “We hope that our products can bring further value and happiness to users and create more experiences and imaginations for users.”

  • Create value for customers

“FanRuan’s mission is to create value for customers. If we don’t figure out how to help customers, we will not start blindly.”

To create value for customers, we must be pragmatic. This is the rule of behavior of FanRuan. FanRuan does not want to use stunts to attract the attention of users and partners. The starting point of each behavior is to create value. Although this approach may lead to the loss of many exposure opportunities, FanRuan has really gained the trust of many partners and users.

In more than ten industries in China, such as real estate, large manufacturing, banking, retail, pharmaceuticals, Internet, IT, electronics and electrical appliances, energy, etc., FanRuan has achieved major breakthroughs.

  • Top 500 Enterprises of China: 263 companies cooperate with FanRuan
  • Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises of China: 180 companies cooperate with FanRuan
  • Top 500 Service Companies of China: 150 companies cooperate with FanRuan
  • Top 100 Software Companies of China: 64 companies cooperate with FanRuan
  • 275 First-Class Integrators in China: 151 companies cooperate with FanRuan

Benchmarking cases with FanRuan can be found in almost every industry.

Looking back on 2019, the achievements of FanRuan are inseparable from the trust and support of customers, partners and the media. In the future, FanRuan will continue to focus on the main track of business intelligence, pursue perfection in multiple core scenarios such as innovative products and customer service, and continue to provide enterprises with more efficient and easy-to-use solutions to make data truly productive and create more value for the enterprise!   


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